Thing 14

This week I have to say I’ve been really impressed by Wikipedia. I enjoyed the comments on dinosaur images that are anatomically inaccurate, not so much because they were dinosaurs but because it seemed a wonderful way to get peer review on a developing piece of work, much like the crits at art school. The Public Library of Science’s ‘Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia’ and Wikipedia’s markup cheat sheet were both very useful, and I loved the idea of an ‘editathon’, as described by Liz McCarthy & Kate Lindsay in Wikipedia in higher educuation as an example of community action. I wish it could be called something different, though – ‘editathon’ is such an ugly word. Wikistream was a quite a revelation – a live stream of additions and edits to Wikipedia pages all over the world which gives you an idea of just how much power there is to harness. Next step is to register an account and do a bit of editing myself.



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